The Trend sport 2023

Get onto the water

Are you still on your surfboard? Are you constantly looking for the right running shoes?

Then you should change your mind and think about sitting down as soon as possible. How about kayaking? Easy to learn, it brings lots of fun, is a real sports challenge and thus offers lots of health benefits. The Natseq modular kayak from Kayak Innovations delivers the best performance and probably the longest waterline of this boat length. A quality product made in Germany.

Module kayak? You heard that right.

The modular construction opens up completely new possibilities: The Natseq can be conveniently transported disassembled and does not have to be attached to the car roof in a complicated way. This makes kayaking a child’s play, which can be quickly planned and realised as an excursion, even and especially as a single person.

The design provides a comfortable sitting position. Joints are not strained too much. The Natseq has excellent stability, so you don’t have to worry about getting in and out.

The advantages of kayaking are obvious:

  • – Anyone can kayak, regardless of age. A new form of locomotion is learned. With a little practice, you can soon get going.
  • Kayaking does not require a high level of fitness. But if you start regularly, you set a strong example for your personal, physical training.
  • Kayaking trains the body holistically: muscles are formed, the sense of balance is strengthened. In addition, fat burning is activated.
  • In addition to the sporting side, kayaking has a positive effect on your soul: the calm gliding along on the water has a decelerating, calming effect and is works like a balm for the soul.
  • Those who travel by kayak on the water take advantage of the high oxygen concentration in this area. The body burns the most fat through the combination of exercise and a pulse below 100.

Kayaking is sport with nature and practiced in it.

You do not exhaust yourself, but use your given resources, which are changed and improved over time.

The kayak Natseq creates new possibilities, especially for people over 50. In peace and quiet and complete concentration on oneself and movement sequences, kayaking offers the best possibilities to stay active regardless of age as well as to train body and mind in a sustainable way.